No matter the size of your business, EuroMed Procurement Services handles everything we do professionally from start to finish. The downfall of many established businesses can be traced back to a time sudden growth when they could not keep up. Businesses that recognize the problem and fix it build a legacy. You will continue to thrive when you outsource the work of acquisition and delivery of needed equipment so you can keep your eye on the most important thing … your clients.

EuroMed Procurement Services help your business keep distractions at bay. Let our professionals handle the purchase and delivery of large and small equipment so you don’t have to worry about those details.

We speak the language, and we have already negotiated preferred prices in numerous industries. In other words, we are experts in logistics.

Examples of Completed projects:
- Paramedic Ambulances with the Ministry of Defense, KSA.
- Helicopters with the Ministry of Defense, KSA.

Real Estate

EuroMed property services offer industry leading property solutions to occupiers, developers, property owners and investors around the world. EuroMed strives to build enduring partnerships with clients, based on mutual respect and a shared understanding of your individual needs.

EuroMed real estate specialists help you as an investor analyze how property acquisition, ownership and disposition can align with your short and long term financial goals.

Software & Web Development

EuroMed Software & Web Development demands highly skilled employees who understand how to create software, websites and e-commerce sites that significantly improve your company’s performance.

EuroMed’s core team of more than 100 highly qualified programmers, software engineers, web developers, e-commerce specialists, graphic designers and database experts are ready to provide personalized solutions for your specific requirements.


EuroMed conducts sales and trade between companies in North America, Europe and the Middle East. Since 1996 EuroMed has utilized each employee’s expertise and years of experience to provide a global network of contacts, skilled staff and physical presence in 14 countries to provide a full selection of services. EuroMed’s Market Analytics Team applies state-of-the-art methods to broaden the reach of your company’s goods and services.

Business Development

EuroMed has a successful history of working in the USA, Europe and the Middle East with both private and government entities to deliver results. EuroMed provides strategies to improve your existing processes by collaborating with you every step of the way.

At EuroMed we also believe that brand development of your company’s unique qualities to potential buyers is essential. We employ marketing branding experts ready to create everything from your company’s logo to intricate marketing campaigns using social media and paid advertising.

Health Products & Equipment

At EuroMed we have an unyielding passion to make the world healthier one person at a time. Because of that, we work tirelessly to find the highest quality health products and equipment for your company or government departments.

We live in an exciting era open to holistic medicine being integrated into standard medical care because it is a “bridge” to health and wellness. We connect companies that manufacture professional-grade nutritional supplements with your medical practice, holistic health clinic or health food store.

EuroMed also provides new and professionally refurbished medical equipment around the globe. EuroMed offers a value to your practice by providing the equipment you need while fitting within your budget.

One example on our health products is Vitamin D3 5,000 IU with the barcode 868699000103.